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Registration & Fees

NOTE: This website will not be updated until mid-June 2018. Please check back for more information!

When is the Expo?

The Expo will be held on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 and Wednesday, September 26, 2018.  The Expo will run from 1:00pm-6:00pm.

When are next-day interviews?

Next-day interviews will be hosted by Engineering Career Services on Thursday, September 27, 2018.  ECS will not be hosting next-day interviews on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.  NOTE:  You must submit a separate request for next-day interview space through your CareerEngine recruiting account. 

Who can register?

Companies, government agencies, or non-profit organizations seeking to hire Ohio State engineering and computer science students for paid full-time, co-op, or internship opportunities are welcome to register for the Expo and next-day interviews.

Employment agencies and referral services are not permitted to register.

Can I register for both days of the Expo?

No. In order to accommodate all employers wishing to attend the Expo, you may only register for either Day 1:  9/25/18 OR Day 2:  9/26/18.

Which day should I attend if I'm conducting next-day interviews?

If you are planning to conduct next-day interviews on 9/27/18, we would recommend registering to attend the Expo on Day 2: 9/26/18; however, please plan to attend on the date that best suits your travel needs.

Can I register for more than one table?

No.  Due to space constraints, you may only register for one table.

Registration fees:

Registration fee includes one 6' table, parking pass, wireless internet access, boxed lunch and beverages for three representatives.  If more than three representatives from your organization plan to attend, you may order additional parking pass, boxed lunch, and beverages ($40 charge for each additional representative - maximum of 8 reps). 

Single 6' table, Corporate:  $TBD

Single 6' table, Non-profit:  $TBD


Additional representatives:  $TBD/representative - maximum of 8 representatives.  (Food and parking for three representatives included with registration.  If you will have additional representatives, please indicate the number on your registration form.   If you do not order food/parking for your extra representatives at the time of registration, they will not receive food/parking at the career fair).

Access to electrical outlet at table:  $TBD (If your display requires access to an electrical outlet or if your electronic devices need to be charged, please add access to an electrical outlet at the time of registration.  If you do not select this at the time of registration, you will not be placed in a location near an outlet and you will not be able to request access to an electrical outlet on the day of the event).

Event sponsor:  $TBD (As an event sponsor, your company name will appear on the e-version of the student program, Career Fair + app, student flyers, volunteer t-shirts, the EXPO website, displays throughout the Ohio Union, and other publicity material).

What size display may I bring?

Space is very limited at the engineering career fairs and companies are limited to one table.  When determining which display to send or bring, please keep in mind that the display will need to fit on or behind a 6' table and must not interfere with the table space assigned to employers next to you. If your display interferes with the table space next to you, you will be asked to remove the display.


How to register:

Step 1: Register

Log in to your CareerEngine recruiting account and click on the "events" tab to complete the career fair registration request form.

Step 2: Payment

Credit card

If you will be paying by credit card at the time of registration, the final question on the registration form is Payment Method. Click here for Payment by Credit Card Step-by-Step Instructions.  Your registration request will be reviewed and, if accepted for attendance at the event, you'll receive an email confirmation with a copy of a zero balance receipt. 


If you will be paying by check, your registration request will be reviewed and, if accepted for attendance at the event, you will be emailed an invoice.

Payment is due by TBD If your payment is not received by this date, you will be charged a late fee of $100.

Questions? Call 614-292-5830 or email